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Our Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Sustainability and energy efficiency are fast becoming prevalent areas of focus in the property industry. We believe wholly in building projects that serve to provide exceptional living experiences for residents. To uphold this commitment, we ensure our developments meet particular standards of energy efficiency. As defined by our Chairman:

“It is our responsibility as a leader in the property industry, to create developments that enhance quality of life for residents in every sense – this includes ecological and sustainable considerations. Setting the benchmark for quality means putting our occupants’ needs first, every step of the way.”

The 6-star energy efficiency rating defined:

To encourage the inclusion of sustainability and energy efficient initiatives, a National Construction Code (NCC) was implemented on May 1st 2011, which includes the option of complying with the 6 Star Standard.

The 6 Star Standard concerns the thermal consumption and performance of a development, particularly its roof, walls, floor, windows and lighting. Ultimately, energy efficient residences and developments reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions, drive down utility bills and enhance comfort for occupiers due to their optimisation of natural heating resources. Implementing sustainable practices from the inception of our developments ensures we are providing an optimised quality of life for our residents. 

Our energy efficiency initiatives:

All of our developments proudly comply with the NCC and achieve at least a minimum 6-star energy efficiency rating. Even before ecological considerations became mandatory for developments, our Brunswick project, C3, was a pioneer in energy efficiency. Our Chevron One project is also seeing the implementation of solar panels by our development team, which will serve to power the communal areas, and ultimately lower the outgoing and Owners Corporation costs, proving a great benefit to our residents.

Some of the initiatives being implemented to ensure maximised sustainability across our collection of developments include:

Hot water: The hot water supply for each dwelling are generated from gas boosted, solar hot water units.

Heating and cooling: Reverse cycle split air-conditioning units that operate at a high efficiency are installed for both heating and cooling purposes.

Natural ventilation: Common areas are partially naturally ventilated. There are often two, three or four openings at the end of corridors to encourage maximised ventilation. The common areas on all floors will also have access to natural ventilation, reducing the use of energy consuming mechanical ventilation.

Light and CO2 sensors: Common area lighting has motion and either time or daylight sensors installed. CO2/CO sensors are also installed in common areas including the carpark, to ensure the mechanical ventilation plant only runs when required.

Solar Power: A solar PV panel system is installed to supplement the power supplied to all common areas.

Downlight covers: Downlights have covers or shrouds installed to reduce heat loss or gain through penetrations in the ceiling insulation.

Indoor drying rails: Indoor clothes drying rails are incorporated in the European laundries in each dwelling to remove the need for electric dryers.

Insulation: Insulation is provided above the car park to easily and significantly improve the energy ratings of these dwellings.

Windows: All windows are double glazed aluminium to reduce heat loss. Dwelling windows also include an openable component to promote natural airflow and ventilation.

Natural lighting: Skytube skylights are included above bathrooms without windows and common area corridors to reduce the daytime reliance on electric lighting. Staircases are painted and well-lit to encourage use, reducing lift use.

Dishwashers: Energy and water efficient dishwashers are installed in all residences. These are minimum 3.5-star energy and 4.0-star water.

Gas or induction cooktops: Kitchen cooktops are lower greenhouse generating gas or induction type, rather than electric coil.

Individual metering of services: Electricity is individually metered for each dwelling, ensuring energy saving behaviour is rewarded.