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Introducing Anchor & Cecil Prahran


JUNE 2019



Bensons Property Group has announced plans for a prestigious urban oasis in Prahran just 100 meters off Chapel Street titled Anchor & Cecil.

Located at 10- 16 Cecil Place, Prahran, the 1263-square metre site that backs on to Anchor Place will see the development of 49 luxury residences and place future residents in the heart of Melbourne’s social and culinary scene.

“Tucked away towards the Windsor-end of Chapel St, right in the heart of Prahran, future residents will be absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to picking where to eat, what to wear and where to hang out with friends and family,” said Bensons’ National Director of Developments, Brett Howlett.

“Looking at how well-positioned the project is, just a short walk from all of the nearby restaurants, bars and retail spaces – as well as its close proximity to the CBD and public transport – it really brings to mind that New York lifestyle experience of living just ‘off Broadway’ that so many people aspire to find.”


Designed by award-winning architects, Fender Katsalidis, with interiors by Sora Interior Architecture and Design, Anchor & Cecil is inspired by Prahran’s distinctive dual personality where heritage meets modernity.

The nine-storey building has been designed in two distinct styles, each with corresponding interiors. The first five levels and their interiors, known as the Anchor Residences, have been modelled in industrial chic. Meanwhile upper level architecture, known as the Cecil Residences on floors six and above utilise double-glazed glass in abundance to enhance the lighter, premium interiors which exude a sense of classical refinement.

“Anchor and Cecil takes a new architectural direction for Bensons and is unlike anything else in the area, ingeniously integrating the timeless sophistication and industrial allure of Prahran through modern design applications”, said Karl Fender.

The bottom half of Anchor & Cecil utilises deep, opaque tones, perforated metals, metallic floor-to-ceiling shelving detail, exposed concrete ceilings and track lighting to convey a moody loft character, while the premium upper section incorporates a lighter colour palette with terrazzo, floor-to-ceiling windows, stunning city and bay views, custom timber joinery and electrical fireplaces to complement Prahran’s historical elegance.

“We understand that the vibrant demographic Anchor & Cecil appeals to demands individuality, distinctiveness and choice, and that is exactly what this project delivers”, said Karl Fender.

With two-bedroom residences to be sold from just over $900,000, and three-bedroom residences from $1.3m, Anchor & Cecil purchasers can expect impeccable craftsmanship, fixtures and finishes, with parking available for each dwelling.


Anchor & Cecil features top of the range kitchens, designed by celebrity chef and applauded restaurateur Shane Delia, boast first-class appliances from SMEG’s new Dolce Stil Novo range, making cooking and entertaining at home more enjoyable than ever.

“When Bensons Property Group approached me to work alongside their incredible team of architects and interior designers to plan the kitchens at Anchor & Cecil, I was thrilled. Together we have not just delivered an intelligent and functional design, but also kitchens which are very appealing aesthetically,” said Mr. Delia.

“To achieve this outcome, the choice of materials and appliances for each apartment was incredibly important. I’ve been using SMEG at home for many years, including the new family home I’m developing right now. Not only do I trust their products, it is a brand that is always reliable and on the cutting edge of technology.”


Returning home has never looked so good, with the secure and secluded Anchor & Cecil lobby styled in New York hotel-chic, conveying both glamour and grit with a mix of crushed velvet and metal cladding.

Taking a break from the magnetism of Prahran, Anchor & Cecil is a peaceful retreat where the world falls away, complete with a private pool and rooftop garden area where residents can relax and unwind.

“Anchor & Cecil offers the best of both worlds, fusing the convenience and energy of life just off Chapel Street with a rare serenity, spaciousness and luxury”, Chivonne Hollis, Executive Manager, Sora Interior Architecture & Design.

Stonnington Council has recently announced $60 million dollars redevelopment to the Cato St carpark in Prahran just 450m from Anchor & Cecil which will provide residents direct access to 10,000 square meters of open public space. The new Cato Square development will host regular community events and festivals, becoming a new cultural hub within the suburb.

Anchor & Cecil is on sale now, with construction scheduled to commence later this year and tipped for completion in 2021.

“Anchor & Cecil has been designed to complement and enhance the lifestyle of all its residents,” Mr. Howlett said.

“From the lobby space, which has been inspired by the upscale restaurants and bars that define the character and vibe of Prahran, through to the communal pool space, Anchor & Cecil will give its future residents the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds that Prahran offers.”




Learn more about Anchor & Cecil here.