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The Importance of In-built Apartment Amenities

As a dynamic leader among luxury apartment developers in Australia, we are attuned to the fluctuating trends, influences and tendencies that shape the industry. We have observed that the latest movement moulding our local community is an intensifying popularity in integrated apartment amenities. It appears that amenity has become the newest quality indicator and value differentiator for high density projects.

Undeniably, a well-executed and high-grade design is central to the success and appeal of supplied facilities. The inclusion of premium amenities in the layout and construction of complexes has the potential to provide occupants with an array of benefits, and as a result attract more prospects for developments. We have listed some of them below:

Enhances quality of life

The provision of shared amenities such as pools, gymnasiums, yoga gardens, cinemas and open communal zones supports the health and well-being of residents by providing a range of recreational and social opportunities. As a result, the ease of living a balanced lifestyle becomes enhanced. The apartment landscape is increasingly calling for spaces that transcend functional necessities and address the human requirements of occupants.  Spaces that cater to emotional needs are essential for enhancing quality of life and have the potential to aid health across a myriad of spectrums including physical, emotional, mental and physical.

Develops a sense of community

High density developments offer an outlet for residents to build positive interactions and connections with their neighbourhood community. This is further facilitated when innovative communal areas are intelligently incorporated and easily accessible within the construction of a project. Essentially, an apartment complex flourishes when it creates a sense of community for its population. Facilities that enable communication and familiarity between residents additionally improve a sense of security and safety.

Provides an exceptional living experience

More than ever, residents and prospects are searching for means to augment their living experiences. Buyers perceive value when hotel and resort-style amenities are provided, as it places a sense of luxury at their fingertips and distinguishes a distinct atmosphere of exclusivity. The quality of a development becomes elevated when premium facilities and services are included.

Leverages apartment living over houses

A substantial number of people seek apartment living as a means to downsize their home, trading excessive space for a more intimate retreat.  Offering in-built amenities alludes that while their home’s dimensions may lessen, their lifestyle becomes up-sized and amplified. The inclusion of high-calibre facilities creates a point of difference, not only from other apartment developments, but from the lifestyle experienced in houses of larger proportions.

As a group dedicated to delivering exceptional lifestyle experiences to a level beyond the expected, we understand the irrefutable value of offering first-grade and premium amenities for residents.  See below to discover what amenities feature in our current and completed projects to enhance livability.

Chevron One

Upon completion, our Gold Coast development, Chevron One, will offer its occupants a generous array of lifestyle-enriching services. The resort-style amenities will deliver unique experiences for residents and a distinctive sense of place.  These facilities include a gymnasium, library, concierge service, residents’ lounge and dining, yoga and sculpture garden, outdoor cinema, indoor and outdoor pools and a spa.  These amenities serve to aid residents fulfil an active lifestyle and participate in active rejuvenation and relaxation.


Our completed Brunswick project, C3 provides a number of shared zones for residents to connect, engage and unwind.  The integration of art throughout the communal areas, a fully appointed media room, rooftop entertaining area with landscaped garden and lounge, and generously equipped gymnasium facilitate connection, support health and well-being and provide comfort for home owners.


Our Malvern project, Vanguard, offers a fifth level north-facing podium with spectacular views, for all day use and entertainment – an ideal place for small social gatherings. Residents can also enjoy a shared dining room and kitchen, designed by renowned chef Shannon Bennett, as well as a spa.

St James Park

Our newest Hawthorn project, St James Park, will include a resident lounge fully equipped with bar facilities – perfect for entertainment, interaction and small social gatherings.  It will also feature a beautifully appointed lobby lounge, welcoming residents home with an immediate sense of luxury.